Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ramadan Kareem, 1437 H. #09 : I-Buddies

Its been so long time since i was registered as a student in UAD, I have been looking for some activities, i mean some positive activities that can help me to improve my abilities, skills, and offcourse I want to spend my time wich was given to me during my study in this university  by gaining so much experiences. Till finally i found a pamphlet in the courner of my campus about opening recruitment as a Buddies of foreign student who will study in my university. Since the first i found this pamphlet i was so excited to join this program, so that why directly I send my aplication to the Office Of International Affairs (OIA) as a caretaker of this program.

After waiting a little bit long time and being selected and interviewed by some official of OIA, finally I was chosen as a part of this Program. And yet this afternoon, OIA arrange A farewell party for i-Buddies 2015 and a welcoming party for i-Buddies 2016, located at one of a famous restourant in this city, Bale Timoho. I was so happy couse its mean than i was officially accepted as a member of I-Buddies program. Ups! Nearly i am forgeting to explain what is i-buddies program?

I-Buddies 2016-2017

Well, as official Website of OIA said that i-Buddies Program is created to support international students of UAD  to get around during their study in UAD. Accourding to the website Since 2007, the number of International student of UAD continuously increases. And  this program helps international students to get to know more about Indonesia especially Yogyakarta. Its make me remember some memories when i was in Egypt several years ago. Imagine when we come to new environment, do not know anything even do not know how to find daily needs.  we need someone to take your hand and help us out to stay alive. Due to these reasons, our job as an I-Budies is helping them to make a friend, share important information, etc. Moreover, through this program we can enlarge our international experiences and knowledge; deeply get information about cross culture understanding, study abroad, scholarship, etc.
The Big Family Of OIA and I-Buddies
New world, new environment, new friends, new experience, everithing is a new for me since the first I meet with OIA´s Official and new friends who has also been accepted as an i-buddies and will be my partner during one year we carry this mandate on. Alfad, Yuda, Caca, Deby, Suci, Anung, Sara, Zulfa, they are an i-Buddies 2016 that will do much interacted each other with me during this year. Lets do our best guys!

And also I would like to say so many thanks for OIA´s Officers, Ibu Ida (Chief Of OIA), Mba Nurun, Mba Eci, Mba Ina, Mba Gibi, Mba Aliv, dan Mas Danang, who has given me this chance to be a part and the big family of OIA UAD. 

Thank you OIA, Thank you Everyone.. I love you all..

( i )
Semaki Kulon, 09 1437 H.

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